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Unlocking The Power of Parent Teacher Conferences

The journey of education is a collaborative effort involving not just educators but also parents. At the preschool level, the importance of this partnership becomes even more pronounced. The end of November draws the conclusion on our Fall Semester at Children’s Lighthouse and ushers in the first opportunity of the school year of parent-teacher conferences. So often, parents of young... Keep Reading

Nurturing Gratitude

In a world that often rushes past us, it's important to pause and reflect on the simplest yet most profound emotion – gratitude. Gratitude, a fundamental value held dear at Children's Lighthouse, serves as a guiding light illuminating our path to positive living and holistic growth. In this blog, we'll explore the significance of gratitude in the context of Children's Lighthouse's nurturing... Keep Reading

Parenting Hacks for Toddlers

Parenting toddlers can be both incredibly rewarding and immensely challenging. These pint-sized explorers are full of energy, curiosity, and unpredictability. Fortunately, there are many parenting hacks that can help you navigate the toddler years with less stress and more enjoyment. Here are some tried-and-true hacks to make your life as a toddler parent a little easier: Crate a Visual... Keep Reading

Teaching Active Children to Slow Down Help

Active children are often full of energy and enthusiasm, which can be both a blessinga nd a challenge for parents and caregivers. While their energy is a sign o fhealth and vitality, it can sometimes lead to impatience and a lack of focus.Teaching active children to slow down and be helpful not only benefits your family dynamics but also helps them develop important life skills.  During the... Keep Reading

The Magic of Reading to Infants

The journey of nurturing a child's development begins long before they start school. One of the most powerful tools parents have at their disposal is the simple act of reading to their infants. While it may seem like babies can't comprehend the words on the page, the benefits of reading to infants at home are profound and lasting. In this blog, we'll explore why reading to infants... Keep Reading